TPP3600 - 3600w covers 21.8-27.7m2

The choice of the professional installer. Comprehensive fixing system with smart tack adhesives ensure the quickest and most reliable installation of any loose cable system. Second floor probe is installed as a back up only.

Our Price (inc VAT & Delivery):
Select your preferred thermostat (thermostat included in the kit price)

Power: 3600 watts.

Length of heating cable: 2 x 180m

Heating area 21.8 to 27.7m2

Covers 21.8m2 @ 6cm spacing between cable loops = 165w/m2.

Covers 24.0m2 @ 6.5cm spacing between cable loops = 150w/m2.

Covers 27.7m2 @ 7.5cm spacing between cable loops = 130w/m2.

Kit includes:

  • Twin wire earth screened heating cables.
  • Programmable digital thermostat with 2 x floor probes (included in kit price)
  • Adhesive strapping tapes.
  • Smart tack spray adhesive.
  • Double sided edge tapes.
  • Installation instructions and warranty certificate.

Our prices include VAT and next working day UK delivery.

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