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Select your preferred thermostat (thermostat included in the kit price)

Power: 350watts

Length of heating cable: 35m

Area Covered: 2.1

Covers 2.1m2 @ 6cm spacing between cable loops = 165w/m2. 

Covers 2.3m2 @ 6.5cm spacing between cable loops = 150w/m2. 

Covers 2.7m2 @ 7.5cm spacing between cable loops = 130w/m2. 


Kit includes:

  • Twin wire earth screened heating cable.
  • Pogrammable digital thermostat. (included in kit price)
  • Floor temperature probe and conduit housing.
  • Adhesive strapping tapes.
  • Floor priming solution and roller.
  • Full instructions and ten year warranty certificate.

Our prices include VAT and UK delivery.  

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