Conservatory Underfloor Heating

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    All electric underfloor heating installations must be connected via an RCD (earth leakage trip) protected circuit.
    All heating cables and mats installed in a domestic situation must be earth screened, products by Floor Heating Solutions comply fully with these requirements.

    Tiled floor finish on concrete or screed base

    All solid floors whether concrete, screed or asphalt require some form of insulation beneath then or preferably above in the form of an insulated backing board prior to installation of your electric underfloor heating. Heating mats or cables are attached directly to the insulated screed or insulated tile backing board prior to tiling directly over with a flexible floor tile adhesive. Design can vary from 150w/m² to 200w/m² dependent on floor base specification and heating requirements. As a general guide design to 200w/m² mat systems or the loose cable systems designed to around 165w/m² would be the preferred choice.

    Tiled floor finish on to timber / plywood base

    All timber floors whether floor boards, chipboard or plywood must be assessed to confirm structural integrity and suitability for tiling prior to installation of electric underfloor heating. Floor boards will always require provision of insulated tile backing boards or ply-wood overlay before heating can be installed. Mats and cables can be fitted directly on to ply-wood and moisture proof chipboard, providing that the floor is treated with a suitable priming solution. Design will vary from 150w/m² to 200w/m² dependent on floor base specification. If you are unsure of this, please contact us to discuss. Do not exceed 150w/m² if installing your heating directly on to plywood or chipboard sub floors.

    As a general rule for both of the above scenarios, under tile cables offer a far more flexible heating solution in terms of area coverage and heat output. Under tile heating mats provide a quick solution for areas of a regular shape. Cables / mats with twin conductors are considered easier to install than single wire alternatives as just one end of the heating cables connects to the thermostat. All of our under tile heating systems use a high spec twin wire arrangement. Use flexible tile adhesive to embed the heating cables during tiling or alternatively embed the cables in a portable latex screed prior to tiling.

    Underfloor Heating beneath Karndean or Amtico

    Heating beneath Vinyl will require special consideration due to the maximum floor temperature limits permissible and the need to provide a solid surface on which to bond the flooring. The subfloor must be well insulated beneath the screed or by using a reinforced insulated tile backing board such as Marmox. Heating cables (TPP) are then attached to the surface prior to applying two applications of a Latex floor smoothing compound. The first application (4mm) is to embed the heating cables, followed by a second layer (3mm)to put distance between the heating cables and the vinyl to allow heat to dissipate across the floor. Maximum floor temperature not to exceed 28degree C this is easily achieved with a heat output of around 150w/m².

    Laminate / Wood Floors underfloor heating

    Laminate and engineered wood flooring can provide a highly effective heating medium with our Thermolam foil heating mat used in conjunction with 5mm or 10mm XPS insulation boards.

    Foil Heater Mats are rated to 140w/m² and will comfortably achieve the required 28 degree floor temperatures. Use engineered wood or laminate of no more than 15mm thick if using a single layer (5mm) of XPS insulation, this can be increased to 20mm boards if using a double layer of insulation.

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