Blueboard Insulation
Blueboard is the name given to our own brand styrofoam insulation material designed and manufactured specifically for use beneath under tile and ThermoLAM heating systems. Do not use with loose wire (TP & TPP) heating systems, use Marmox instead. NOTE : Insulation board only to be purchased when ordering underfloor heating, all prices per board. If you require insulation only please ring for prices.


 Technical Data:

Manufactured by DOW Chemical  Company -  Styrofoam LB- close tolerance.

Board                  Size                Thermal              Conductivity(w/mk)

Resistance (k-value)  

U-value             (w/m2k) 

Compressive      strength (kpa) Weight  (kgs)   
1200 x 600 x 6mm 0.027 0.22 4.50 300 0.13
1200 x 600 x10mm 0.027 0.37 2.70 300 0.22

Quick Camparison Chart.

Technical data         Blueboard



Wedi Aquapanel  TH  
Manufacturer Dow Dow Marmox Wedi Knauf GMBH
Thermal Performance 0.027 0.027 0.027 0.033 0.027
Compressive strength 300 (kpa) 300 (kpa) 300 (kpa) 250 (kpa 220 (kpa)

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